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Hair drug tests can detect drug or alcohol use in a person. Hair contains biomarkers that identify specific drugs and substances, giving an employer a quick look into a person's drug history. A typical hair sample is 1.5 inches long and collected as close to the scalp as possible. These tests can detect abuse that occurred 90 to 180 days ago. They also have the advantage of being simple to get and difficult to forge.

A hair drug test can detect the same drugs and substances as a urine test. A negative hair test typically takes two to three days to confirm, whereas a positive hair test can take up to a week. In addition, a hair sample can sometimes become contaminated, resulting in an inaccurate test result.

The turnaround time for hair drug tests is determined by the drug detected. Some medicines can stay in the hair for up to seven days. In some situations, medications can remain in the hair for up to 90 days. As a result, a hair drug test may not be the best option if you suspect someone has been using drugs for a long time.

To detect drug molecules in hair, hair drug testing employ ELISA technology. These tests look for parent medicines as well as metabolites. They are also helpful in looking back over long periods. The turnaround time for hair drug testing varies by the laboratory. However, the results can be ready in one to five business days if you have a deadline.

Hair drug tests can detect a wide range of drugs, including illegal ones. For example, a seven-panel test can detect seven substances. Marijuana, methamphetamines, amphetamines, cocaine, and opiates are examples. A twelve-panel test is capable of detecting medications such as Oxycontin and Percocet.

Hair drug testing on body hair is also possible. However, the results may be less reliable and in-depth because body hair differs from head hair. Hair drug tests on any hair colour, including chemical treatments, can be performed. For drug testing, the hair must be at least 1.5 inches long and at least 1.5 inches thick.

Hair drug tests are frequently used in the workplace and are commonly chosen by employers and individuals for employment considerations. A negative hair drug test could indicate ongoing or recent drug use. Therefore, a confirmatory test procedure must be used if a negative result is obtained.

Hair drug tests are both accurate and inexpensive. The test can determine whether or not a person is using illegal drugs or alcohol. They are also used to monitor drug use by courts and school systems. For nearly 30 years, Psychemedics has been conducting hair drug tests. They have a track record of success and are widely used by businesses and schools.

It is simple to collect hair specimens. A collection kit includes a hair sample pouch, collection foil, and a clear plastic transport bag. The procedure for collecting hair specimens is relatively simple, and a professional will collect the sample. Before ordering a hair sample for a test, carefully read the instructions.

A hair follicle drug test can detect both illegal and legal substances. A sample of 200 strands of hair is required for the test. Within the hair shaft, it detects drugs and drug metabolites. Hair drug testing, as opposed to urine drug tests, have a more extended detection period. This is a very accurate method of screening for drug and alcohol abuse.

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